Over the years, we’ve constantly been upgrading our wireless systems to keep up with the demands of artists and events. Our wireless inventory consists of handheld microphones, clip-on lapel / lavaliere mics, head-set & ear-set mics (for hands-free or active use), and wireless guitar bodypacks. We also offer wireless speaker systems for settings with too much open space for cables.

We use Shure’s current QLX-D (digital) series microphones for live music performances, corporate events, churches, and any other event where high quality vocal reproduction is needed. For corporate events & meetings where sensitive or confidential material is shared, Shure’s AES-256 encryption is at work, which is the highest rated standard of encryption available by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our wireless speaker systems make it possible to spread speakers out over vast areas without having any cables stretched out to connect them to the rest of the system. This application is ideal for outdoor events where multiple “sound stations” can be set up around 500 feet away from each other, playing either the same audio signal or different signals. This can be beneficial for big events that may require emergency PA systems to make announcements throughout very large areas, marathons & 5K walk/runs or any event that needs to spread the system out. Our wireless speaker systems are also available with solar rigs, taking them “off the grid” with flexibility to be anywhere outdoors.


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