We offer a variety of lighting choices from multi-colored concert stage lighting and dance floor party themes, to uplighting for weddings and corporate events. We also offer the control of dmx lighting consoles to custom tailor the lighting effects to any specific needs of an event.

Our party lighting systems set the mood with various LED fixtures that offer different themes and color schemes, along with eye catching lasers for dance floors. Our haze machines and smoke machines also tend to take our lighting effect to the next level. Below you can see a few Chauvet models we deploy regularly, like the Elan, Scorpion Storm MG, Swarm 4, Line Dancer, Cyborg, and multi-colored strobes.

Our uplighting is achieved by placing LED par lighting fixtures on the floor against the wall pointed up, creating a very stunning lighting effect in red, green, blue, white, amber yellow, or purple.  Here are a few examples of uplighting in different settings and colors.