For nearly 15 years our sound systems have been heard throughout the Carolinas from concert venues, festivals and outdoor events, to churches, ballrooms and corporate events. Our performance systems are custom built, tailored to the specific needs of venues and artists & bands. The legendary JBL sound and performance that comes from our JBL SRX professional series speakers meets the needs of touring riders, concerts, DJs, bands, festivals, weddings, corporate events/meetings, and the most demanding live sound applications.

Our ‘Single Stack’ setup consists of a JBL SRX 725 speaker, coupled on a dual 18″ sub woofer on each side (2 tops & 2 subs) powered by Crown I-Tech & Marco-Tech amps. For bigger events we also offer double, triple, and quad stacks. Our active (self-powered) JBL SRX815P speakers can also be seen below in various settings both on tripod stands, and coupled with our earth shattering VRX918SP touring subs. We are also excited to be using wireless speaker systems, transmitting a signal thousands of feet over vast areas without a cable in sight-which can even be solar powered. We also offer full FOH (front of house) mixing, stage monitors as well as separate monitor mixing, wireless mics, back line, instrument mics, mic stands, and power distros.

Single Stack Systems

Double Stack Systems

Self-Powered Systems

Corporate Setups